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If your cpmputer too slow and too old, maybe you can use some trick below, if you lucky then you can speed up your computer

TIP #1
Remove unnecessary files and programs that you don't use anymore. The more disk space you have the faster your RAM and processor can process. You can also remove programs that you seldom use or you can find other programs that have a smaller size than the recent program you are using.

TIP #2
Defragment your hard drive to arrange and fix your files and folders. When using your computer, some of the files and folders in your hard drive are misplaced. Defragmenting your hard drive will make it easier for your processor to process applications because the files and folders in your hard drive is already arranged.

TIP #3
Upgrade or free some RAM (Random Access Memory) in your temporary storage. Low RAM will be the first cause of the slowing down of your computer. There are certain applications and programs that require high RAM. If you think that your RAM is too low for the programs you have, it is better you would upgrade.

TIP #4
Be sure that your PC is protected with anti-virus software's. Your computer is slowing down because it is infected with viruses, malware, adware or spyware. To solve this problem you can use an anti-virus protection. It will block viruses and other harmful files and it can also scan and delete viruses if ever there are some that escaped its protection.

TIP #5
If the problem with viruses and other harmful files are already dealt with, you should also check on the registry of your programs and applications. It is important that you would check it out because it will not only slow down your computer but it can also damage your files. You can check and fix the registry of your file with the help of registry cleaners which you can download and install for free and speed up a slow running computer.

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