Blog Description Here is one of most sites development language, they work pretty good else php of course, but what can they doing for rating site?

Rating people, their skills, their abilities, their look, etc. are very old activity in human being history. It goes date back in 19th century that people used such rating system. The best use of rating system found in field of research. Another hot field was beauty contest and models rating. During 1990s C-band satellite channel had broadcasted a rating program ‘Perfect 10’. They featured only women who ranked 10 for attractiveness. These contests became popular throughout 1990s.

Types of Rating Sites

There are plenty of types of parameters for rating but most used types of rating sites are as follows:

Business Rating Sites: When you are searching actively for some products or services you will use business rating sites. Yelp is big name in this category. You will find top five listing coming from the Yelp when you run a search in Google or Yahoo! People like to review their experiences or feeling for particular product or services on Yelp and like sites. Shopping, restaurant, health, food, entertainment, etc. categories are available.

Movie Rating Sites: People like to see best movie in doing so they need information regarding to movie. There are many ways to get more information on movies and movie review sites are probably one of the best ways to do that. You can get instant idea whether specific movie is great just by looking at its ratings and if you are interested in more detail information you can read movie reviews done by users. Rotten Tomatoes, The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Blippr Movies, Yahoo Movies, etc are best movie rating sites.

Book Rating Sites: Books are still read a lot, not only printed but digital too. Book rating sites allow people to rate, recommend and receive recommendations for books. You will find the classification of books based on plot, setting, character, and writing style.

Product Rating Sites: Product rating sites are biggest in nature. They vary according to the types of product. Some sites rating based on consumer satisfaction, price ranges, after sales services, is one of the examples which covers products from small scale to big scale industries. gives rating and reviews of products.

Game Rating Sites: Gaming is one of the big industries itself. People like to play games give it rating and some reviews about it. Some games are free while some are too expensive therefore, before buying looking at rating and reviews helps a lot.,, etc. are good sites for rating and reviews.

Wine Rating Sites: Wine rating sites allows visitors to easily rate wines and find wines based on rating, price or place sold (restaurants, bars, wine bars, liquor stores, grocery stores, etc.). It then lists wines rated by others, selectable by wine type.,, etc are good wine rating sites.

Apart from these kinds of rating sites there are plenty of types available for rating categories. But all rating sites are not perfect in themselves. Many sites lack features that can prevent multiple rating from the same users. However there are no guaranties that genuine users are giving rating, for instance gives rating for school or college professors but we can’t say that always students giving rating not other professors.

Now you may have question that which technology is appropriate for such big scale websites development. is a technology that can be used to develop rating sites development. It has all features available to make a success for such kind of development. It is platform independent as well as multi-language supporting platform that let you build your application in any language. It is dynamic language so support dynamic page generation for rating sites. It is server side scripting thereby enhance the performance at user level. Development may be the final answer for the development of rating sites.

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