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It was certain to happen, with all the gadgetry that is being released by many other companies, it was inevitable for Apple to issue its own version of a computer tablet. So, after the iPod and the iPhone, Apple released the next of "i" product lines, the iPad.

What is the iPad?

Well the iPad is a computer, a tablet computer and it generally is like a giant iPod touch. The iPad tablet is a very slim and lightweight tablet computer with a touchscreen. Apple also released a WiFi version and a WiFi plus 3G models of the apple iPad.

The iPad is really one of the smallest and lightest computer gadgets around its only 9.56 in height and 7.74 inches in width. The screen is about 9.7in and the resolution 1024x768 with a 1 Gigahertz processor and 16GB – 64GB capacity flash drive and even if you include and iPad case it would still be a lightweight and a small gadget for your use.

Battery life is more or less ten hours or so for perpetual use. That ten hours of constant use will include video viewing, so you could conceivably watch about six feature films before the iPad gives up on you.

The iPad’s LED-backlit display incorporates a screen technology called IPS, or in-plane switching, that Apple says provides “crisp, clear images and consistent color with an ultra-wide” viewing angle.

The iPad also incorporate Apple’s office suite, the iWork. This facility gives you more than just a web surfing tool, you get a word processor,spreadsheets and the document manager that gives you design themes to create your own styles.+

There are one or two minus points, there is no camera and that is a bit of a let down, so you get no video facility and the new device can feel a lighty weighty. In all though there are some real advantages, the screen is brilliant and the rate of change from one application to another is amazing

If you are an iPod and iPhone fan then you should check out this latest innovation from Apple.

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