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Garbage and energy are become the one of the most problem in the world, every country are get same problem with these, what are the solution about them? I think N-Viro can solve these problem

What is N-Viro? N-Viro is a company that has the technology to turn waste into an energy. They have patented the technology to stabilize and disinfect bio-solids and other kinds of organic waste from municipalities and products into alternative energy companies which also has real market value.

In this day and age, waste water gets recycled and reused through the use of modern water treatment. The N-Viro Process recycles wastewater and other organic wastes produced by fertilizers, garbage, bacteria, algae, chemical products from industries, and they like to make sure recycled water is safe reuse again and again.

Why is N-Viro? N-Viro Process is owned and licensed by N-Viro International Corporation. N-Viro is a certified technology to treat and stabilize the waste water, and lessens odors to a variety of levels, and defuses toxic constituents. It also processes the treatment and recycling of bio organic wastes such as alkaline derivatives and byproducts. Moreover, N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC) also owns patented renewable biofuel N-Viro Fuel and N-Viro Soil technologies to change various types of waste into valuable reuse products. The N-Viro converts waste to energy to promote alternative energy. N-Viro is for renewable energy, opportunity fuels, and clean coal, which have been licensed throughout the United States.

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