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Let's talk about romantic shower in shower enclosures and bath up with our girlfriend. if we have a girlfriend or wife is important to maintain harmonious relations especially to bathe in the bathroom.
First, we will setting up a romantic bathroom, romantic bathroom is important as the beginning of a romantic bath. normally we would put flowers on the edge of the bath up, a beautiful candle, and DVD player remote control. if we doing it, then our girlfriend or wife will be pleased. Most active women is like the atmosphere of romance.
The second is how we run a bubble bath, bubble bath usually done by people of the cities for relaxation, and of course to clean up. But the most desirable is when the bubble bath as a romantic date. When go home after works with our girlfriend or wife then this is the best time to run a bubble bath. Fill enough water in the bath up and pour some bubble bath soap to foam with more abundant, and then ask her to joint us in the bath up by blowing bubbles on our hand.

When we in the bath up with our girlfriend and before starting the run a bubble bath then lit candles to increase the romance. How to light the candle is lit a match and then look at her with a smile fixe, then light the candle with slowly and still looked at her, then she will feel the amazing romantic.

As a final touch of the run is a bubble bath with romantic music. Turn on the DVD player using the remote control, and play the song "when I fall in love" by Nat King Cole, then we have complete the preparation of our romantic bath, enjoy a romantic bath with your girlfriend or wife in bath up, but don't too long in here or your girlfriend skin will irritate.

After run a bubble bath, then we must cleaning our body with shower, go to shower enclosures together and we can make perfect kiss more long time in here still listening our Nat King Cole music.

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