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Are you interested in trying new software's? Are you a person who write articles or content to earn money? If so you are having a very good opportunity right now with you. This site actually is started to sell software by providing reviews about it. Now if they really want a good review for a software they need to pay. Hence they started paying for providing good reviews about their product.

This site consists of software's related to Audio & Mp3, Business & Finance, Design & Photo, Desktop Enhancements, Games, Home & Education, Internet, Software Development
Utilities, Video & DVD, Web Authoring. Ya, there are wide range of categories.

So, how does this work actually? First select the software you want to review. Then download the software on to your desktop. Don't worry, they don't provide virus or Trojan's in that software. So, after that just install the software and try it. Then after that just write a review about the software regarding how it is working, the pros and cons etc. So, after writing that within a day or two you will be paid. The pay is in between $1 to $50. Ya you heard correctly its FIFTY DOLLARS. But you need to be extremely good in writing that review to get the FIFTY BUCKS. So, you will be asking about the payout right? Ya I can guess that, its the only concern which makes people to take a step back because its $200. Ya, its too high. It seems that they don't to spend all their time at the bank and also they transfer the money by western union. This is a very good advantage for those people who like to enjoy them self trying software's and earning from them.

So I think you read this post completely. Hence if you think this is the opportunity waiting for you, then join .

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5 Responses to "Get Paid to Review Software"

  1. Celetukan Segar Says:


    Ini blognya kakntono juga, ya?
    (Waduh saya nggak bisa Bahasa Inggris) :)

  2. Lambang 212° Says:

    Nice article brat!

    Wah artikel yang bagus ini.
    Entar bisa saya coba...

    Salam hangat dari Jakarta.
    *ngikuti gayanya Guskar*

  3. m4stono Says:

    oke eperiwan.....salam sukses selalu

    salam hangat dari jogja...ikut2an pakde

  4. Mbah Ben Says:

    prikitiew..... kang tono golekane dolar wae. masih inget aku? kalo nggak inget ya sudah wekz...

  5. wahyu Says:

    going to place event case (pec) alias TKP gan..hehe

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