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It's very simple, you just upgrade your old kernel 2.6.31-9 rt with the newst kernel 2.6.31-15, then installing linux-backports-modules-alsa. The packages requirement are:


just enjoy it! you can play your mp3 files anymore without annoying bugs.....

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  1. Lambang Biru Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. m4stono Says:

    pada2 kang inyonge malah kepenak atik bahasa pating pecothot ala ngapak2 kiye.....sakjane malah blog kiye apan tak tulis atik basa ngapak

  4. Lambang Biru Says:

    Lah, lha koq malah dadi tegalan... yo ora ngapak-ngapak kaya ngana kiye.

  5. Abula Says:

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