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In the my last post before this article, I have been explained one of javanese spiritualism based on Islam spiritualism, what are the different of javanese spiritualism and Arabic Islam spiritualism, the different are javanese (moslem javanese) more focus on sesirih or in the english term is fasting or controling self appetite for some kind food, also javanese spiritualism are more focus on the deepest of heart (telenging rahsa). The arabic moslem spiritualism right now are focuses on syariat level and tarekat level, the syariat of they doing is more indeed make of doing god command in holy book without argue and hesitate or at least they are obey with their theologians. In the other place on Arabic are more focus on tarekat level, they are pronouncing prayer word or sentence with many times, they are not focused on fasting like javanese spiritualism. The most of javanese sesirih or fasting are unique and just only able in javanese culture or Indonesian culture, the sesirih or laku are:

ngrowot is just only eating food from underground like potatoes and carrot, ngrowot only drink water without coffee, tea, juice and many color or taste water.

pati geni

pati geni is just eating uncooked food and uncooked water, the pati geni doer also living in close room without sunlight. Like it name, pati geni is not allowed for attached by sunlight directly or not directly.


ngebleng is not allowed for eating all food and drink all water, ngebleng is pure fasting 24 hour.

mutih is just only allowed eating white rice and drink white water, a version of mutih is just allowing eating white rice with hand clench size and drink water only one glass at 00.00 o'clock.


ngalong is like a bat, the ngalong doer are living at tree and their legs are hang up on limb with head at down positioning, this laku or sesirih is very difficult, the doer are allowing eating and drinking only food or water that coming in their mouth, birds and insects are usually droping its.

ngidang is acting like deer, the doer are following deer's group and eat or drink like deer too.

topo pendem

topo pendem is living at under ground by the way living life buried, this laku is the most difficult laku in javanese spiritualism.

There are still a lot of laku that I can not explained here, for javanese people laku are have purpose for getting magic power or kanoman, kanoman is magic power that users have great physics power for attacking enemy or self defender, but the most important of laku is getting kasepuhan, kasepuhan is understand truly of universe harmony and have actually connection of god and human, kasepuhan is focusing the deepest of heart, kasepuhan is not for attacking enemy or self defender, but with kasepuhan, the power of kanoman are can more powerful because the true owner of all power is god.

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    bwuakakakakakakkkk....revenge pertamaxxx is the best

  5. Budi Hermanto Says:

    Many kinds of javanese fasting..
    They had incredible power..
    If we studied well..
    Do you believe that? :D

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    i believe it work because of god

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    waduuuuuuuh.. bahasa inggrisna kudu kursus ka mas TONO
    Salam Sayang

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    Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang Sahabatku

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    bwakakakakak...i know english vocabulary only wan tu tri por paip sik sepen eit nain ten (logat jowo mode ON)

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    Waduuuuh makin susah bahasa inggris cabang jawa tengah yaaaaaa
    Salam Sayang

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    you are an official employee, english doesn't matter for you

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