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3D architectural rendering has become an increasingly popular selling concept in the world of architecture and architectural services. Yes, 3D architectural rendering is definitely not a new concept and has been around for a long time now, but over the years the improvisation made quality-wise have definitely been remarkable. Imagine how it would feel to finally be able to look at your own house or corporate office building, even before the construction has started!

With 3D architectural rendering services you will finally be able to see how the marble that you have chosen for your office would look in reality? Or, you could walk right through the master bedroom of your house and check out whether the lighting is just the way you wanted it to be.

With the help of 3D architectural rendering, a designer can predict (accurately) how your product or structure will look in reality. Today, many of the conceptual architectural design services like virtual room design and 3D rendering have become extremely powerful applications. Designers today, are no longer dependent on illustrating their own designs with the help of a paper and pencil. Today, there are many CAD programs available that allow them to take their designers to whole new levels through 3D architectural rendering. These programs also permit virtual room designs and walkthroughs of buildings and other structures, allowing architects to get completely involved with their work even before the completion of the project. Virtual room designing and 3D rendering are not only impactful marketing tools, but they also help in finding flaws and faults in the design even before the construction begins.

3D Rendering

3D rendering on the whole is a very valuable selling concept. With this service, you can accurately predict how a structure will look in reality, even before you start working on it. Most of the Indian service providers are experts in this field and also offer reasonable prices. Some of the options provided by 3D rendering are:

• Landscaping, roads, neighborhoods.
• The actual materials used in the construction can also be represented.
• Ambience can also be created.
• Multiple design options can be meted out, even before the building starts.

Virtual Room Design

Virtual room designing is considered by many engaged in the field to be the ultimate marketing tool, which allows you to showcase and sell your structure even before it is created. Walkthroughs are probably the best fund raisers. Here are some of the advantages provided:

• Actual materials will be shown.
• You can preview the interior lighting.
• Landscaping of the entire premises will be shown.
• Natural lighting (based on window direction, time of day, time of year, and global latitude) can be previewed.
• Escalators and lifts and other moving objects can also be incorporated and shown in operational condition.
• The view can be shown.
• Multiple designing options can be explored.

Why outsource 3D Architectural rendering services?

Virtual room designing and 3D rendering may be fantastic conceptual tools, but they also happen to be some of the phases in the architectural design process that are labor intensive and have low profit margins. Many such design firms would agree with the fact that their resources and finances are exhausted with such less profitable and repetitive tasks, when in fact they could actually be utilized for tasks that are highly profitable and more critical – such as design creation.

If you are looking to reduce costs, then check out design process outsourcing options. India is obviously the most popular outsourcing location and animation is a thriving profession within the country. Indian outsourcing service providers have a large pool of talent and expertise in the areas of architecture, engineering, and other such design fields. The results produced are of high quality and are also cost effective, thus allowing you to focus on all your critical design processes.

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