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I don't know what happen of this site many last time ago, but cosaaranda is hacked by someone maybe the jatim crew who they are already hacked some malaysian sites, I hope the one of my favorite sites become normally again

4 Responses to "The Cosaaranda dot com is Death!"

  1. Benlahmen Says:

    Halo mas keplenet hehe.. Lama tak jumpa. Kok blog ini jarang diupdate to?

  2. Nias Zalukhu Says:

    CAcom was normal again.. hope Mr. Cosa will update that blog soon....

  3. m4stono Says:

    hehe lagi males ngeblog, maklum the ideas are out of stock, I hope some time The cosa will life and up to date again

  4. annosmile Says:

    wah kena hack ya..
    moga2 blognya cepet diperbaiki

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