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After all, I opening links to exchange with another blogger around the world. I think with my poor page rank can increase this page rank with exchange link with others.

Let's go starting link exchange with blogrolling, why blogrolling? why not..I don't know. After you go to blogrolling, click "create an account" and fill your e-mail and your blogrolling password, then check your e-mail and activate your account..after your account activated, go to mission control and click add links, add your friends blog title and URL, don't forget add my blog..:)

After you added your friends blog, go to get code and choose javascript for blogspot and choose PHP for wordpress, then add this code to your blog gadget.

Using link list on blogspot
you can choose this way if you using blogspot. go to layout and click add gadget, click "link list" and fill with your friends blog or my blog :), then click add link. don't forget to click "save" button and it work!

Well, let's exchange links to increase our page rank, I have theory that 0 + 0 = 1, 1 + 1 = 3 or 2. that's my opinion :). if you want to add your blog URL in this blog, give your comment and request it, but you must add this blog link to your blog. if you don't I will delete your blog link..

14 Responses to "Who Wants to Exchange Link With Me?"

  1. Ben Says:

    I do. But i don't think you would put my url in your blog rollll..

  2. Ben Says:

    Hello m4stono. I've added ur url in my blogroll. Sorry to make you waiting. But may i suggest you something, it's better for you to leave your comment form below a single post, easily commenting for your reader. You have a better luck than me, actually i don't know why blogspot had been banned me. Now i can't login to blogspot with my IP address, that's why i was moving to Wordpress. Anyway, by the way, bus way please don't call me om, i'm younger than you maybe. Good luck and salam kenal

  3. Fachia Says:

    btw kalo pakai blogrolling keindex google gak ya..?

  4. m4stono Says:

    gak tau yah, tapi gak ada salahnya loh dicoba,ntar link situ tak masukin

  5. kipas Says:

    kalau pakai blogrolling setahu saya nggak akan terbaca link kita oleh google spider. coba pake tool simulate di --> simulate

  6. minanube Says:

    stay cool dulu azah :D

  7. Ben Says:

    O ya mas, skrg sy pindah alamat. Tapi mas msh tercantum dlm blogrol sy. Kalo berkenan mohon ganti alamat url sy. Comfirm please

  8. mbahmul Says:

    mas, sudah saya link blog ini. Link Balik ya :d

  9. mastono Says:

    wait i will be change your url immediately
    ok boss

  10. sapimoto Says:

    m4stono, dengan komentar ini, saya mohon maaf sekali jika telah pernah nyampah diblog ini...
    Sekali lagi, mohon dimaafkan...

  11. m4stono Says:

    bukan anda mas sapi, tapi org laen, saya gak maksud nyindir sampeyan, kalo cuman nyari link2 ya wajar lah, saya juga gitu di blog sampeyan :)

  12. Joe Says:

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  13. sapimoto Says:

    Terimaaksih atas pengertian dan maaf saya yang telah diterima... :)

  14. Budhi Says:

    Ikutan mas...demi kesejahteraan kita bersama. Suwun nggih.

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