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At last I buying a domain name, with this poor domain name I hope get a new income from this blog. but unfortunately my alexa, technorati, google pagerank become zero and like new baby born, somehow a domain name at the blog is very important to search engine optimization, because who will desire if your blog is still using blogspot or wordpress at the end.

I hope I can buy some domain again and applied to my other blogs and make me little bit get spirit to increase th posts quality..

8 Responses to "New Domain, New Taste and New Income"

  1. Benlah Says:

    Wadoh..kalah aku mas. Lumrah aku cah anyaran. Kemaren tak cek masih eror sekarang dah ok nih..selamet ya. Eh lupa pake bhs inggris ya..
    Congratulations...finally u got it right. Would u borrow me some money to have one? Haha...last but not least...pertamaxxx..

  2. m4stono Says:

    halah sami mawon, but i'm just only lucky and have sithik duwit gor 85ewu

  3. Benlah Says:

    Bro tukune nengdi? I own my sister's bank account, i wish i could have one soon but pay with rupiahs not dollars. BTW u got a 'PR', DO IT!! i've done today

  4. m4stono Says:

    nenggon dodoldomain dot com gor 85ewu

  5. Iwan Says:

    M4stono, iku beneran Mas, sampeyan iso diterimo neng SponsoredReviews by "No Page Rank Information Available"?I see your PR is "No Page Rank Information Available" and your Alexa Rank is "no rank data available". Is my browser not working well?Sepurone yo Mas, aku cuma pengen weruh carane keterimo neng SponsoredReviews. Suwun.

  6. m4stono Says:

    itu blogku yg msh domain blogspot di pr1, alexa 1jutaan

  7. banana cake recipe Says:

    wow cantik sekali???????

  8. Pakde Cholik Says:

    Congratulation for the new site mas. Hope you could be able to get many jobs and earn a lots of dollar he he he.

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