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The Yogyakarta north town square at 19th century

28th October at Yogyakarta north town square or Yogyakarta people call it ‘alun-alun utara’, the Majesty Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 10th had realize the second ‘pisowanan agung’ or in the English mean is great meeting. The schedule was starting at least 12:00 AM until 5:00 PM, but the main schedule was starting at 3:00 PM, 12:00 until 3:00 was entertained by traditional art and music, allegedly the schedule boards was hiring six rain paranormal to handle clouds in order that rain is not falling down. in the fact rain was falling down at 12:00 on north town square, human just only try but god is concluder.

Let’s discuss about the main topic of pisowanan agung, his majesty was decide that he has already nominated as the next Indonesia president. For non Yogyakarta people, the statement is have meaning that he just same as another president candidates, the other president candidates are competing each other for glory, authority or maybe money, that is like my opinion. In my opinion, the Majesty Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 10th is everything for Yogyakarta people, the part of them are feel unwillingness if their soultan become president and living in Jakarta, they still hope for his Majesty become Yogyakarta governor life long with Sri Paduka Paku Alam as vice governor. But Yogyakarta people forgot that in other side, his Majesty is an ordinary human being who has dream, ambition and hope. This condition can be understand because the most Yogyakarta people very respect and love to their king or soultan. The main his dream and hope is:

Throne for people

His Majesty indeed had been educated by his father Sri Sultan hamengkubuwono 9th in order that always protect and care for people. What the meaning of throne if make people suffering and poor?. The throne must have great useful for people and make them happiness and giving peacefulness, the essence of throne for people is able in Serat Sabdotomo athoring by his ancestor and become one of manual book for javanesse kings, his Majesty very remember it.

Life is serving for god and people

I understand that his statement of already become Indonesia next president is realization of life is serving for god and people, not only living on Yogyakarta but all around Indonesia. Every king or president all around the world should to do it, not only just for glory, money, and authority. The most king is feudal who like making people suffering and poor, but I believe him that is not like them.

Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 9th

The conclusion is his majesty is a normal human being who can make any mistake and lacks, task for us as blogger is always give caution for leader if they are making mistake. For knowledge, his Majesty Sri Sultan hamengkubuwono 10th has original name is Herjuno Darpito and his father Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 9th original name is Dorojatun. If his Majesty become the next Indonesia President then much better use his original name Herjuno Darpito as President, that’s my opinion, I also hope that his Majesty more pronounced if become president, because become Indonesian President is very difficult and have very big problem and great responsibility moreover than US president.

6 Responses to "The Mystery of Yogyakarta: Pisowanan Agung Result"

  1. Paman Gober Says:

    Wew, so yogya has many mystery.... I'm to going there (lol)

  2. Anang Says:

    ini tujuan kenapa sultan tak mau dicalonin jadi gubernur lagi...... hehehehe.... jadi presinden!!! yuk maju terusss

  3. iam Says:

    semoga sultan bisa jadi pemimpin semua rakyat tidak hanya jogja

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @paman gober
    some time i'll post some yogya ghost story
    it's honor to me that you want visit my poor blog :)

  5. Benlah Says:

    Jogja? I've visited jogja twice. So many beautiful places. Let's promote Indonesian tourism more often. Semangat-semangat.

  6. welly Says:

    dibalik tidak maunya Sri Sultan maju lg mjd gebernur ternyata ada maksud lain yg lebih mulia..

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