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The anniversary 252 years of Yogyakarta at 7 october, I try to post some quality topics of spiritualism and philosophy, it's too late but more better than not posting something about Yogyakarta, of course that’s not like the most posting of this blog are “junk’ post about celebrity, sexuality, comedy, etc. I try to do something are useful for other people. If we know a knowledge then do it.

When we visiting Yogyakarta, we found a famous monument at zero kilometer, the name of the monument is Golong Gilig, but Yogyakarta people usually call it ‘tugu’, this tugu was building by the 2nd Soultan, the most of Indonesian people especially at Yogyakarta believe that Merapi Mountain, tugu, soultan palace and south ocean are one line or linear, but they are wrong. The fact is the palace and tugu are linear with a village near Merapi mountain by the name is Gemawang or gemawan in the north direction, the both of these I don’t know what is the true name. with the south direction is linear with Panggung Krapyak and Watu Gilang, the both place will be explain to the next episode of this post.

The Sultan Hamengkubuwono 10th

What the function of Tugu, I try to explain it, When Soultan with the name is Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 2nd and his heredity has a big problem, then he called his vice and all of his Tumenggung and Senopati to discuss the problem. When they discussing the problem then Soultan give instruction to pray for God and will meeting again as soon as if they finishing their pray. Soultan and his subordinates pray by the way Tahajjud pray as Islamic religion, Monday Thursday ‘puasa’, Pati geni ‘puasa’ and also mutih ‘puasa’ as javanesse heritage, Puasa is the time not eating. When their pray is finished, Soultan immediately meet with his subordinates and discussing the problem again. Soultan instruction of his subordinates to tell their result of the pray and comparing of his own result of the pray. Before Soultan decide a policy, he sit down in ‘Bangsal mangun tur tangkil’, like the house in the house. Soultan will try seeing the tugu from it with the distance about 3 kilometers. If he see tugu clear and obvious then he have “god eye” by the meaning is he see like god, because he see by heart not eyes, this indication that he and his subordinates pray are accepted by god. If he see tugu not obvious then his pray rejected or not yet accepted by god, then Soultan and his subordinates will pray again more seriously. That’s so wise decision right?

bangsal mangun tur tangkil

The really meaning and philosophic of the tugu is nobody knows about it except the builder of it, I just explain one of the meaning from some meaning people known. But the true meaning and philosophic is Soultan and his heredity are not forgot the god and also have strong connection with god

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  1. Tony Says:

    aset negara yang sangat berharga :)

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    I agree it

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    sangat bermanfaat
    semoga tulisan budayanya terus di buat yah :D

  4. sapimoto Says:

    Wah ini rumah barunya m4stono, selamat atas rumah barunya....
    Jogja, suasana kota yang sangat sulit untuk dilupakan....

  5. Fachia Says:

    iya selamat atas rumah barunya mas.. :D

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  7. my own blog Says:

    walaupun saya baru sekali ke yogyakarta, tapi suasana yang saya rasakan sangat nyaman dan orangnya ramah-ramah...

  8. m4stono Says:

    yeah I think some yogya people are visitor and they are too lazy to leave this city

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