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Who is the most wanted person in the internet after US president candidates debate? the answer is a plumber, why a plumber? Obama says that he had said with a plumber and his name is Joe, his famous nick name is "Joe The Plumber". Who is Joe The Plumber? he a plumber with his full name is Joe Wurzelbacher. he a plumber who live in Ohio, he ever complain to Obama that Obama taxes rule will destroy his dream to buy a small company that will give him decent keep and live. People around the world especially American people have been tricking with joetheplumber dot com who the owner is Joe Francis in Texas and not Joe Wurzelbacher. let see the US president candidates debate below here..

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  1. Benlah Says:

    I don't care about plumber, i don't care about obama, i just care about my blog, i pening, rep tuku domain drg dwe dwet

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