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Barrack Obama become very famous when election date will coming, people like me use this election moment to post some posting that have relation with him, Sarah Palin etc.

Who the hell make this movie? I don't know, but I'm sure they are American. Barrack Obama dance with nice taping with John McCain, but I hope someday Sarah Palin will dance too..

5 Responses to "Barrack Obama dancing with John McCain"

  1. Benlah Says:

    Obama oh obama, again and again, always obama. Some people have wrong spelling on his name, 'Barrack Osama', right? Don't forget to do your PR, or you'll write it in your another blog, tell me where? i'll check it soon. Hehe...

  2. mymoen Says:

    wew, creatif posted..

  3. Narmadi Says:

    Who is the next US president with a really dance skill?

    [ari tulang]?

    just kidding...salam kenal

  4. anton Says:

    Barrack Obama dulunya juga orang indonesia juga lho.. selama enam tahun beliau juga sekolah di negara kita tercinta ini...

  5. m4stono Says:

    for all, thx a lot for commenting

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