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Actually I have post the same posting at few time ago at here , I want to recycle it because I don't have any idea or maybe I will teach to download free movie. The first, we can visit some social or movie site like youtube, myspace, or any porn site if you like it.

There are any ways to downloading movie or live streaming:

Using Internet Download Manager
If you don't have it, you can download it's at here, and you can get it for free at least 30 days, because this software is shareware, after you installing this software, you just restart your browser and much better using firefox

After restarting your firefox, immediately go to movie streaming site and play the player on the site and wait until the message box below is available. Click ok, then you can save the movie in your PC. that's pretty easy right?

Using Realpalyer
This is one of my favorite player, if you don't have it, you can download for free at here, after you download, let's installing it and active the "download this video" button at the tools-->preferences-->download & recording, of course you must restart your browser, much better using firefox too

after restarting your browser, go to movie streaming site and play the movie player on that site, wait at least 7 seconds until the button below is appear

and click the button then already to download. working with realplayer is very nice.

You can click the images for enlarge and learn it step by step. Actually this is my old post and I recylce it because too many movie site or social site that have video streaming player at their site, enjoy and save the movie in your PC.

6 Responses to "Using Adobe Bugs to Download Movie Streaming"

  1. Ivan @ NavinoT Says:

    Lumayan ..buat tambah koleksi Naruto di HDD :)

  2. mastono Says:

    I always download naruto using it

  3. gus Says:

    ijin kantongin ilmunya untuk yang kesekian kalinya Suhu....

  4. m4stono Says:

    I'm not suhu, I also newbie like you gus

  5. kipram Says:

    Tips ya mantap bgt, makasih mas dan salam kenal

  6. m4stono Says:

    enjoy it and nice to meet you kipram :)

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