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At last google was launching the new google translate, how it's work? it's very simple, you just copy your site URL's to input box at this site

over 140 language you can translate to english or other 140 different language. type your site URL's on input box and let's google working to you. for honestly the result of translate is not excellent, because they are using machine and not human.

Or you can using their widget to your site or blog, you can see the example of the widget at screenshoot below here:

The result of your widget is your visitors can choose their language applied to your site. Also you can use no click translate with download their tools now at here, now make your site more world wide and more comfort to another people in all the world with google.

4 Responses to "Translating Your Site with Google Translate"

  1. kipas Says:

    Google Translate is one of simplest way to rewrite article to another language.
    Unfortunately they don't support Indonesia Language

  2. mymoen Says:

    it's really useful to translate something to another language. but, in my blog, i'm just used the widget to translate my blog to another language. and i'm sure, it's useful for woh wanna know my article.

  3. Ecko Says:

    Google Translate is a tool I always use to translate my Indonesian articles into English. Sometimes, I translate my email draft in Indonesian into Polish, the language of a friend of mine in Poland. It's very useful.

  4. m4stono Says:

    if you have english blog, you can translate it in to Indonesian
    translate it with google why not? :)
    that's good idea

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