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Well to the point, many similarity between blogger and Britney Spears or celebrities. but even the both of them have similarity, they are also have different like blogger love celebrity, on the other side celebrity unsure like blogger or maybe hate them, because blogger like me of course often use their popularity to increase blog traffic via search engine. I don't want discuss the different but I will discussing the same or similarity. Here the similarity:

The both of them are like money
everyone like money especially blogger and celebrity, celebrity make money by singing or acting on the movie or TV advertise also presenter. blogger make money by "singing" on their blog or web in order that famous on search engine ranking page then visitor will come and then blogger "acting" their ads like adsense seemingly become blog menu or part and then visitor click the ads and some money will earn, that's simple right?

The both of them are like seem beauty
in order seem beauty, celebrity buy many clothes or dress then wearing it at important moment like Oscar award, MTV award or other award and wedding party. Celebrity also use expensive make up like lipstick and perfume of course, because nobody will come if their body are smell like acid. and now blogger also buy some "clothes" or "dress" like my blog template, but I get this template freely, and then I will "visit" or spamming a important "moment" or famous blogger like him and him with my new dress, then visitor will come and taste my perfume smell or "header" like acid.

The both of them are like making scandal
Britney Spears making scandal with a paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan confess that a lesbian. those are some celebrity scandal example. how about blogger? they are also making scandal like making "affair" and then become banned form technorati top 100 in order become famous. For famous, blogger also making scandal with posting porn video or picture, but not all of them like that, I'm sure it.

The both of them find self identity
after making money, seem beauty, and making scandal, celebrity after all starting find self identity. they are feel that their life are not only for money and popularity, they are also start positive thinking about their life become useful for other people like him. blogger also have good purpose in order useful to another blogger by make tutorial and education post. In the end, blogger and celebrity be aware that their lives are not alone, aware and helping other people are good and right lifestyle.

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  1. indra fansblogs Says:

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  2. indra fansblogs Says:

    sory, kalo emang ga suka ga apa-apa tinggal saya hapus.. tadinya ga ada maksud buat nyepam, tapi jika anda tidak berkenan ya sudah sory.

  3. Lambang 212° Says:

    Kang, ada usulan sedikit.
    Gimana kalau gambar di halaman depan ngga di-stretch supaya gambarnya ngga mbleber-mbleber kayak gitu.
    Hanya usulan aja Kang, biar tampilannya lebih menarik.

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