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I Masturbated to Sarah Palin, when people masturbated to Sarah Palin. the post title is a John McCain ad. why he use a hard phrase to ad himself and Sarah Palin? the answer is only he know the answer

5 Responses to "I Masturbated To Sarah Palin"

  1. Nias Zalukhu Says:

    Beugh.. puasa euy puasa wkwkwkwk

  2. m4stono Says:

    that's only ad, don't have any negative thinking gitu loh

  3. sapimoto Says:

    Sarah Palin, sapa sih???
    Tuh video ada adegan hotnya gak? Layak tonton untuk siang hari, Kang?

  4. m4stono Says:

    it's very2 "layak tonton", she'is an america vice president candidate

  5. Welly Says:


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