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who knows that a housewive could profitting millions dollar a month? but Dooce could be. she was starting blog several years ago at least 1999. and now the dooce already has 7 pagerank and also have over 85000 visitor everyday

the design of the site is simple and so standard, I think she is not really interest with design web, but she priority with the content of her blog, I don't think she a newbie with web design but the content of the blog is not really interesting for me, because a man like me more interesting make money site, manga, and also adult site like most men. she start posting with telling reader about her friends, husband, children and parents, she also telling people about the manager who become her boss when she work on a company before she success. and the most controversial about that blog is she telling people if she has been affair with some hollywood celebrity, but who know?. the wisdom of the dooce blog is if we starting a work with continue even slow but sure then we will get what ever we wants and she has give us best example and she also has get everything like money, popularity and also happiness.

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  1. kipas Says:

    she deserve to get pagerank 7. because she start blogging from 1999, 8 years until now.
    Why he got so many visitor? i think many visitor looking bakclink from his blog ;)

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