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I don't think that cosaaranda is the richest blogger or money maker from Indonesia, but I'm make sure that he become one of celebrity blogger from that's country. he was starting blog with since at least 2005. the contents of his blog are including SEO tutorial, make money online, all about wordpress, and personal diary.

Why he become a biggest celebrity blogger? because on his blog, he really generous to teach and giving tutorial to other people especially for newbie blogger or money maker online, there are few blogger from that country who generous like him( you don't be big head cosa). for a blog, the design is not number one but contents are everything. like another blog, the design of his blog is simple but is not too simple, i mean average, if may I give a tips to cosa that he need decrease ads to fast loading, because most his visitors are from Indonesia who always have problem with internet connection also they are browsing from warnet(internet rental), but that's no problem with broadband connection.

The contents of his blog are actual for newbie and me of course, I always visit his blog every browsing internet, even the contents are not really interesting for master bloggers, but the newbie are majority for money makers online. I always monitoring that the commentators are different at least every month, even though are still able loyal commentators who his friends at adsense forum. but after all I like his blog, for me the language is simple and communicative also easy to learn. I will not explaining his content one by one because too long and tired for me, but you may directly visit his blog immediately.

The wisdom of his blog for people are we don't too stingy for tutoring another bloggers because we will not bringing money if death, the last, I'm so sorry to cosa if any mistake or lack.

4 Responses to "Cosaaranda, The Biggest SEO tutorial from Indonesia"

  1. Kipas Says:

    Unfortunatelly CA never give a clarification about trouble in I'm one of his business victim

  2. sapimoto Says:

    Cosa is good teacher of seo and making money online. But at last month, he have some problem with some blogger. Just hope all of his problem will be clearly soon.

  3. m4stono Says:

    I think he a real man who has a bad side and right side, maybe I will posting a bad side of him.. thx for comment it

  4. ebooks Says:

    eah..i agree about this one...

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