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One of the most make money online are paid to click program, but too many of them are scam. how to identify that? the best analyze is why they paid us too much money for one click for example: this site are paying us 20000 cent or $200 for a click an ads, wow that's impossible, the 20000 cent not small money even for American people. but with donkeymails , one of old PTC program is verified for paying us. No Minimum Payout

the advantages are a click will be paid estimate 0,1 cent, but more 20 ads a day. if you upgrade to gold member, a click will be paid estimate 1 cent and extra referral member, the most advantage is free to join and minimum pay out is $1 for paypal and no minimum for e-gold.

If you interesting click the horse ads to join and enjoy the most easier make money online program.

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  1. GPT Charts Says:

    Paid to Read, Paid to click, Paid to promote are some of the programs offered by Donkeymails. Donkeymails has been in PTR/PTC industry for more than 3 years and still pays its members

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