Blog Description Here are the best PTC in the world, to the point for everyone, this post are describe how they become best of the best PTC, I mean for member standard or premium, I don't know for advertiser :D. the ads avaliable between 10 to 20 per day for member. member will be paid at least $ 0.01 per click ads, the payable via alertpay and credit card of course, let's see the explain about premium member via the screenshoot below
why I use screen shoot to explain it? because a picture can tell a thousand word or more. the referral program will be more effective after you become premium member. click here for register now

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  1. sapimoto Says:

    Have you try isabelmarco? If you don't, try it...
    I have been paid by this site and you can use maverick as referrer, thanks.

  2. m4stono Says:

    thx sapi

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