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Much digital software has been hack for to work with Android Google Software. The first hardware platforms that can work with Android are Atmark Techno’s Armadillo-500, the mobile processor with Freescale’s i.MX31L.

Otherwise, a software developer outsourcing in Budapest, Eu.Edge, said that android software can work on everything mobile software with CPU ARMv5STE has enough RAM and Flash. Eu.Edge also give example that Android can be use on Sharp SL-C760.

A Sharp Zaurus C3000M user has been post screenhosts Android game, Luna Lender, then Open GL demo graphic, style picker, and many Google index page with rendering in 13 languages, the all of that can be use on Sharp Zaurus C3000M. If you want to develop Android and win $10,000,000 at Google challenge, you can visit Android SDK on here

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