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Fifth way: using TOR

Wong give an idea for Anne to use a strong proxy program like TOR(Onion Routing) that the computer will to do something for her importance with high complexity. Every request will through a network that implicates 20 computer expansions then the real location will more difficult to track.

Every steps on TOR sequence be encrypted so that government who Anne living more difficult to track every posting that she do it. Then every computer on sequence just knowing the nearest neighbor. For example: B router knowing that it receive request from A router, but router A suppose that the request from C router, the request be encrypted with B router that do not know page who Anne request it or what router that the real sender a request to web server.

Although the technology is very complicate, she is very surprise because TOR is easy to install, she can download from, she just need to download TOR installer then install it, next install Privoxy(a proxy will work together with TOR), then Privoxy will delete every banner ads that Anne seeing. After installing them, Anne need to restart computer, after restarting the computer she checking and found a fact that her computer covered with TOR system. Noreply suppose her from Australia when she reloading again noreply suppose her from China.

the impact of TOR is when she using Google or Yahoo the language will to change every reload, the more impact she can not change Wikipedia article. TOR have any problem like other proxy, the surfing will connect to slow, she also must use her personal computer, because installing TOR on public computer is not easy. The most impact is when TOR stop working then ISP will block every routers who TOR using. When try to using block router, TOR can wait several minutes but the page that requested never be acquired.

Sixth way: Mixmaster, Invisiblog, and GPG

The last solutions are not concern with proxy server even though using strong proxy server like TOR. After spending much time he found invisiblog. Invisiblog operated from Australian team to be named who a site that designed for paranoid. She can’t post from web, she must posting by formatted e-mail and to be signature by cryptograph.

She must understand cryptograph from GPG (GNU implementation of Pretty Good privacy), GPG is a public key encrypted system. Cryptograph public key is a technique with possible she sending message that can be read by the receiver. Public key also can use to make digital signature and very difficult to fake. Anne must make a key that using for to post a blog and signature posting with private key earlier.

The next is using Mixmaster, Mixmaster is an e-mail sending system who designed for obscure the origin an e-mail. Mixmaster using remailer anonymous sequence that strip off every identification information of e-mail and sending it. Mixmaster using up to 20 remailer. She must to begin build Mixmaster by to compile source code.

She sends a Mixmaster message to Invisiblog at the first time with her public key. Invisiblog use new information for new blog with the name is “” 16 bit long string is GPG key. The next she can send a posting to Invisiblog that signature with public key and sending by Mixmaster.

Anne can see message that she send, but slower than regular blog. If the message through a wrong way then need 2 hours until 2 days time to Invisiblog server. The most problem using Invisiblog is very difficult. Most people found a new challenge when using GPG, also understand the complexity of public key and private key. Most cryptograph tool like Ciphire can help, but to use it very difficult, the result is a few people using encrypted when send e-mail.

Mixmaster is a challenge for Microsoft Windows user can using newest DOS to download

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