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Third way: Proxy Anonymous

Anne is very boring when she shifts around from a Cybercafe to other Cybercafe or public computer. She has an idea about anonymous proxy. The steps are very simple, she just visiting any anonymous proxy site like:,, and any other site. She cans directly typing the webmail site in the textbox and click go tab button. For testing, she inputting, or typing in the web browser address bar. But the ways have any weakness like the ways can not working for webmail or weblog with much experience.

Fourth way: more private

Anne have a partner in Canada a country with little internet censors, the partner name is Wong, she emailed him for some help, she also telling in the e-mail about her position with government especially department of finance. A lucky girl, he can understand about her position and he want to help her, he has an idea with ‘Circumventor’, one of many proxy servers that user can to control other people for getting permission on his computer like a proxy.

Wong live in Canada, he can download Circumventor from or directly on www. can be installing on MS Windows OS. He must keep the computer always to connect with internet so that Anne no needs always contacting him for to use the proxy. But Wong has any problem with installing Circumventor, he must have more skill to install it, he need installing Perl, OpenSA earlier then Circumventor.

Even though she was very helped from Wong, but a big trouble with his computer, the computer use MS Windows OS, Windows needs to reboot several times if or not the computer will be freeze. When rebooting, ISP will give a new IP address for his computer. when rebooting, the proxy is not working, and Wong must contacting Anne for telling IP address be using by Circumventor, then they will cost a lot of money for it


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