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What’s anonymous?

Anonymous is hiding an identity for some reason so that nobody can’t know who you are

Why anonymous?

Because some reason, for example: in order that government office or agency can not know where you are if you an honest employee that work to government department.

for example: Anne is working to Department of Finance, she know that a dignitary has rip off a lot of government money and she want to tell all people in the country or world that crime of the dignitary. If she tells to finance minister directly then the minister can not believe so easily without any evidence, then she becomes an anonymous blogger

First way: disguise name

The simple way is use free web mail account and free weblog hosting on the foreign. She is very stupid if she use paying account ones, because the paying account need a credit card or international secure paying like Paypal, Moneybooker, etc that need more original name, address and the other. There are some free web mails like:

Hotmail à

Yahoo à

Lycos à

Hushmail à etc

There are some free weblog like:

Blogger à

Wordpress à

Myspace à

Livejournal à

Seoblog à etc.

But the first way have any weakness, for example if Anne sign up to the free too then web server will record she IP Address computer. The IP Address can be detecting so that can be know she position or where she use the computer. That’s possible if finance department cooperating with US department of justice. The US department can force the free weblog or web mail for notifying the IP Address.

Second way: Public Computer

If the first way failed, she can try second way to use public computer so that she can posting the blog more secure. She can use public computer on library, University, and Cybercafe. When minister officer tracing the IP Address, he will detect that the posting is to do on Cybercafe, the Cybercafe are using a lot of people.

The weakness in second way is the Cybercafe can tracking user who using computer in specific time like night or morning. She should not post in the night or morning when she is only one in the Cybercafe. The Cybercafe employee will remember who is she, or the finance department can send an officer to monitor the Cybercafe.



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