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Keep visually appealing, don’t be clutter

The best blogs are easy to read and minimalist If your blog strains the eyes, people will not want to come back to read anything else. Use a color scheme and make sure there is enough spacing around everything.

Don’t go overboard with ad’s if you are just starting out

If your blog is new (less than 1-2 months old) try to stick it out until you get a decent reader base before integrating ads. You will be able to gauge people’s responses to the website first and get some loyal readers. After you have established some kind of reader base then you can begin to slowly integrate ads.

Work, edit, and re-work your content

Content is king as they say. That statement is definitely true. Make sure what you are writing is relevant and interesting to read. Why hang out at a website if there’s nothing worth reading? Have someone edit your articles, take a day or two after its posted and re-read it to see if you can improve anything.

Don’t slack, post new stories/articles often

I covered this a little before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Write at least 2-3 times per week. It shouldn’t take long. Hell you could talk about a cool new website you found for two paragraphs, that’s better than nothing.

Submit to Social Bookmarking websites

This is a big one. When I first started out, almost 50% of my traffic came from Digg and Reddit (my two personal favorites). I made 3-4 front pages (popular posts) and traffic exploded. I remember at one point I was struggling to get 500 unique visitors a day, then an article hit a Digg/Reddit front page and my server crashed because I netted almost 60,000 people in one night.

Network yourself; find other blogs in your niche.

Find other blogs like yours and connect with the authors. E-mail them, post in-depth replies on their articles, most blog owners are extremely nice people and will be willing to help you! Offer to exchange links and such; this will help your community grow, even if by a small margin. Remember, every reader counts. As long as you have at least one reader, you are making an impact

Link your website wherever you can without spamming. (Email, Forums)

Another important topic that is often overlooked. If you are a member of a forum, add it to your signature. Email? Add it as a signature to that too! Wherever you can link without being too pushy, do it. In the long run those extra page views will count.

Host your blog on your own domain.

No one likes having Buy a domain! These days you can get one anywhere from $3-$5 per month and in no time your ads should easily cover these costs. Get your own domain and be unique.

Write compelling titles - capture the reader in the first line.

The title and first three sentences of a post can make or break the post. Capture the reader’s attention off the bat, make them keep reading. Boring, cookie cutter introductions are everywhere, stand out.

Don’t give up.

Motivation is key and is also the backbone to building a successful blog (or building anything for that matter). Remember it’s not a quarter mile sprint, it’s a marathon. Take your time, review yourself and your blog and make gradual improvements. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

That’s any tips on, I hope you enjoy it.


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