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These tips maybe can make you and your lucky partner much better for this amazing moment


Don't waste this special moment in front of an audience, instead find someplace secluded and quiet so that you both can concentrate on each other. While you are concentrating, remember that no loud theatrics are needed, so keep yourself quiet and controlled as well.

Short and Sweet

A first kiss should always feel like a preview of more kisses to come. Don't let a first kiss last for hours, and don't attempt to pack all of your feelings into one long-lasting kiss. Instead, keep it short and sweet and you're partner will be dying for more.


For to get this moment, just only one word that is ‘relax’.

Don’t be haste

For many peoples especially men, they want to do these immediately, but don’t ignore girls heart. The girls can be fearful and hesitate, in the worst case they can leave these for you.


You must brush your teeth or use mouth wash. Your partner will be lost of desire for food if your mouth is stinky


This doesn’t mean like a Bali dancer Choreographed.

When couples have been together for a while their kissing becomes choreographed. One head goes left, one head goes right, eyes close, lips open and kiss is successful. Stop thinking and enjoy it.

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  1. Juice Mag Says:

    Just go with the flow :) remember to relaxxxx and everything will be just finne!

  2. Ceana Says:

    Great work.

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